14th Annual Women In Dentistry

Join us for a day of celebration, education, camaraderie, & shopping!

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VistaTech Center, Schoolcraft College, Livonia, MI

Join Other Women in Dentistry for a Day
of Celebration and Education.


Dr. Amar Katranji

Rochelle M. Morton

Nicole Smith, RDA


and more!
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About Us

IMG_1367Changing demographics in the dental profession have more female dental students graduating than men. In 1979 fewer than 2% of working dentists in the United States were women. By the year 2000, women represented approximately 40% of dental students.

Now, many if not most of the dental schools have 50% to 60% women enrolled.

Women dentists face the same challenges that all dentists face, and a few more that are uniquely theirs.

This program is about supporting each other and building business and personal self confidence.

Did You Know?

  • Before 1970, fewer than 3% of the practicing dentists were women
  • Independent-minded women struggled to obtain degrees, establish practices, and be respected as professionals.
  • By the year 2000, 40% of US dental students were women
  • In 2010-2011, 46% of US dental students were women
  • Women currently make up nearly half of all dental students and 25% of practicing dentists.


Join us this year!

VistaTech Center
Schoolcraft College
16800 Haggerty Rd.
Livonia, MI

For information and registration 
call Jennifer or Liz at 888.875.6011


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