Comments From Last Year’s Expo

“Fun day with great food and CEs!”

“Educational and Entertaining”

“Fun and learning in one day”

“Wide variety of enthusiastic speakers and relaxed atmosphere”

“I am here every year!”

“Great networking and information”

“Light and fun. Staff really enjoyed it”

“Yes, yes, yes (10 times) It’s the best”

“Lively and well organized”

“We have a lot of fun as a team. We don’t get to o together any other time”

“It is one of the very exciting seminars o the year”

“Yes, high energy,keeps your attention, lots of fun plus great food”

“This is one of my favorite dental events. Thank you for providing this great day!

“Fun and focused on women’s issues, balanced between clinical and fun”

“Always a fun enthusiastic environment with fabulous speakers that keep you interested.”